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Waxing Procedure: Myths and Facts

Waxing Procedure: Myths and Facts

Body waxing is a beauty procedure and a semi-permanent hair removal which is greatly demanded in Dubai and the world in general. Almost every part of the body can be waxed and there are many waxing procedures suitable for removing those unwanted hairs.

Myth: After waxing, hairs get thicker and grow faster.

When waxing is made improperly, there are tendencies that the hairs were not completely removed from the root and this result to faster and thicker re-growth. A professional esthetician is recommended in performing this procedure in other to have the hairs properly removed from the root.

Myth: Waxing is painful.

In fact, this procedure greatly depends on areas/parts of the body where hairs are removed and the individual level of pain tolerance.

Myth: Wax kills any bacteria that is why waxing procedure is safe.

It is true that waxing serves as a disinfectant to the body? However, a specialist is required to use disposable tools for this hair removal. It is also advisable to have all necessary discussion with the specialist before the procedure begins.

Myth: If hairs grow very fast, it means that the procedure has not been carried out in a proper way.

Beautiful legsThis statement is partially true. However, we should also note that some factors may also influence quick hair growth, such as; hair growth cycle, genetics, the area where hair wasn’t properly removed and even the season.

Myth: Wax is almost impossible to get burned.

Actually, it all depends on the equipment used in the spa salon. There are several types of hair removal tools – with and without temperature control. Besides, sometimes wax is heated in a microwave oven, where it can be possibly overheated.

Myth: The longer the hairs are, the easier they can be removed.

In fact, the optimum hair length is 3-5 mm. It is really of no importance waiting for hairs to get longer before waxing, as this can result to more pain during the procedure. Besides, there are also tendencies of “hair breakages” instead of totally removing them from the root.

Myth: It is easy to make waxing procedure at home.

With a visit to spa salons, we may think that waxing procedures are primitively simple. In reality, this treatment is not so easy to perform without professional skills. This is especially true for the bikini area.

Myth: Wax causes wrinkles.

Actually; owing to regular waxing procedures, skin becomes better because dead skin cells are removed along with the hairs and this leads to the rapid skin regeneration.