Facial servicesWe welcome you to Beauty Connection Spa, your safe haven with combination of expertise and exceptional treatment.

Our specialized team at Beauty Connections Spa has a wide range of unequalled treatment, delivering excellent results tailored-fit to suit all types or conditions of skin. Our best facial in Dubai treatment will give you a great, bright, healthy, fresh and beautifully glowing skin.

All our facial treatments are sure to help you replenish and protect you against ageing and damages caused by harsh cream or weather or wrinkles associated with stress and thereby softening your skin. Your face is the first point of attraction, it is therefore of great importance to nurture your skin and a frequent visit to Beauty Connection’s best facial in Dubai treatment is the perfect way to retain that great beauty. 

Express Facial Treatment
Deep Cleansing Treatment
Facial Massage
Facial Mask
Micro w/ Deep Cleansing
Micro Derma

Treatment (1 hour)
Micro Derma Treatment (30 min)
Micro Derma Full Back
Micro Derma Half Back
Hydrating Treatment
Vitamin C
Anti – Wrinkle

Anti – Ageing
Derma Rollers
TCA (Acid Peel) Face
TCA (Acid Peel) Hands
TCA (Acid Peel) Under Arm
TCA (Acid Peel) Bikini Line
TCA (Acid Peel) Full Body



Our facial treatment specifically rejuvenates, regenerate, repair and restore the beauty you never imagined you had. The excellent result we achieve are based on our wide expertise and understanding of all factors that yield good skin care and most importantly, the unique ranges of products used in the treatment, is unequaled. These best facial in Dubai will give you a feel of great life.

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