Moroccan BathA Moroccan Bath Treatment is a total body cleansing ritual of the face, scalp, and feet. At Beauty Connections Spa, we introduce you to a unique experience of steam and exfoliation.

This Moroccan bath Dubai treatment will cleanse your entire body in steam chamber while stimulating your skin. No visit to Dubai is complete without experiencing Beauty Connections Spa traditional Moroccan Bath treatment, which envelops guests in its relaxing experience.

After soaking in steam chamber, enjoy a wonderful session of scrubbing, which cleanse your body to remove toxins and thereby soothing your skin. This is an exciting way not only to renew your body but also to melt away stress, tension and worries while relaxing in the warmth chamber.

All our natural range of hammam products are brought directly from morocco which guarantees a better, authentic, healthier and memorable experience. After your experience of a Moroccan bath Dubai, feel free to enjoy our other ranges of treatments such as waxing, massage, manicure and pedicure etc.

So don't wait any longer, come into Beauty Connection spa for a relaxing Moroccan bath.

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