ManicureBeauty Connections Spa, has a separate department which specialist nail salon in Dubai for natural nail care and as well as artificial extensions.

Relax and revitalize in a calm environment, whilst our highly experienced nail stylist takes perfect care in treating your hands and feet nails to a rich pampering experience. If you are looking for the best nail salon in Dubai with a high level of service, please visit Beauty Connection Spa for the perfect manicure or pedicure.

A lot can be said of a person by merely looking at their nails, and this is exclusively true for women. Appealing manicured and well taken care nails are evidence that a woman spends time in taking good care of herself. Although that may not be true in some cases, but it’s a fact that a thoroughly manicured nails adds great appeal and beauty to a woman’s appearance.  The procedures of our acrylic and gel salon in UAE not only provide beautiful and rich nails, but also leave you feeling at ease and spoiled.  Our list of servies in RED Nail Avenue consists of

Normal Manicure

Normal Pedicure

Normal Manicure/Pedicure

French Manicure

French Pedicure

French Manicure/Pedicure

Normal Polish Hand

Normal Polish Feet

French Polish Hand

French Polish Feet


Cut & File

Normal Foot Scrub

Paraffin Treatment

Callus Treatment

Sugar Treatment

Callus w/ Sugar Treatment

Full Set Gel w/ Tips

Full Set Gel w/ Paper Form

Full Set Acrylic

Gel Overlay

Gel Refill

Acrylic Refill

Gel Nail Repair w/ Tip

Gel Nail Repair w/o Tip

Gel Nail Repair w/ Refill

Acrylic Repair w/ Tip

Acrylic Repair w/o Tip

Acrylic Repair w/ French

Acrylic Repair w/ Refill

Gel Buff & Polish

Gel Buff & Polish w/ Colour

Acrylic Buff & Polish

Soak Off Gel Hands

Soak Off Gel Feet

Soak Off Gel Removal

Soak Off Gel Application

Nail Art





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